is a website providing more information about the various perfume atomizers that are sold on our website When you click to purchase atomizers you will be directed to In addition to perfume atomizers, is a distributor of decorative perfume bottles, roll on bottles, perfume vials, aluminum bottles, lotion bottles, cream jars, velvet bags and other accessories. sells primarily to other businesses, manufacturers and distributors.

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  Classic sprayers and atomizers Metal shell refillable atomizer  
  Classic perfume spray bottles in glass and
aluminum. Available in capacities ranging
from 50ml (2 oz) to 250ml (8 oz).
    Elegant metal shell perfume atomizers. Excellent for
gifts, product promotions and travel accessories.
Available in 5ml (1/6 oz) and 10ml (1/3 oz) capacities
  Refillable Glass sprayers     Antique style sprayer and misters  
  Refillable glass bottles with spray tops. Excellent for product promotions and for use as travel accessory. Available in 3ml (1/9 oz), 5ml (1/6 oz) and 10ml (1/3 oz) capacities     Antique style perfume atomizers. Decorative glass
bottles with elegant sprayers. Available in capacities ranging from 30ml (1 oz) 100ml (3.5 oz).